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How To Enter The Werewolf Tapestry Room In Hogwarts Legacy & What To Do With It

Here is a guide on how to enter the Werewolf Tapestry room and what to do with it in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are several secret rooms in the Hogwarts Castle. While some of them can be opened with the help of spells and keys, the others are just hidden in the details. The secret Werewolf Room is one such location within the castle that many players find hard to locate.
This guide will help you understand what the Werewolf Tapestry room is all about and how to enter it in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Enter Werewolf Tapestry Room in Hogwarts Legacy

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The Werewolf Tapestry room is quite easy to navigate to in Hogwarts Legacy. All you need to do is turn right from the main entrance of the Hogwarts Castle. Now climb the first set of stairs and head towards the door which is facing you. Now, you will see another set of stairs on the left which are heading downwards. Go down those stairs and open the door on your right. The tapestry room that you’re looking for, will be right at the end of the stairs.

To enter the Werewolf Tapestry Room in Hogwarts Legacy, there is no need for any spells or keys. In the tapestry of a woman and her daughter, you will find a shield engraved with the letter ‘K’ at the bottom. This is not a shield but just a secret door. Simply walk through it and you will enter the Werewolf Tapestry room.

What to Do with the Werewolf Tapestries in the Room?

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Once you’re in the room, you might wonder about what to do with the Werewolf Tapestries room in Hogwarts Legacy. The tapestries all around the room actually contain a tragic lore of a woman who turned into a Werewolf. You can decode this story by using the “Lumos” spell on each tapestry to reveal the hidden secret. Just point your wand at every tapestry and see the magic unfold.

Alternatively, you can also collect a field guide page by using the “Revelio” spell. It is on one of the tapestries that again, has a shield marked with a ‘K’. It will summarise the entire lore for you. Additionally, you will also find a chest lying in the corner which can give you random gear items.

So, the lore behind the tapestries is actually a heartbreaking tale of a witch who is bit by a Werewolf. She is later forced to desert her home just to keep her infant daughter and husband safe. The tapestries show that ultimately, she reaches a castle and haunts it for years to come!

That’s all you need to know about how to enter the Werewolf Tapestry room in Hogwarts Legacy. We hope that you now understand what to do with the Werewolf tapestries in the room. That’s it from us, for more tips & tricks, head to our Hogwarts Wiki page on Gamer Tweak.