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CoD MW2 Recon By Fire: How To Enter Main Building

Here is how you can enter the main building during the mission Recon by Fire in CoD MW2.

During the Recon by Fire mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, one of the objectives is to enter the main building. This task isn’t exactly easy if you don’t know what to do as there are plenty of enemies patrolling the building. And if one of them triggers the alarm you lose the chance to unlock the Trophy of this mission. So here is how you can clear the enemies and enter the main building in CoD MW2.


How to Enter the Main Building in Recon by Fire in CoD MW2

cod mw2 how to enter main building in recon by fire

You can enter the main building only after you clear out all the enemies. Once all enemies are dealt with you will have to investigate the warehouses. Now there are three main ways you can enter the Warehouses:

  • Using C4: You can use C4 Brachers to blast open the doors. Kill the enemies once they start coming out.
  • Using Tear gas: You can put Tear gas in the Ventilation. Once the enemies start coming out of the warehouses. You and Price can eliminate them.
  • Eliminating form Skylights: Lastly you can climb up the warehouses and use the Skylights to get an upper hand and catch your enemies off-guard and eliminate them.

Once you eliminate the enemies inside you can enter the main building.


How to Clear the Main Building

  1. Once the mission starts follow Price. Lay low and you have to crawl while following him.
  2. Use the tunnel and keep following Price and you will find a small number of enemies patrolling ahead.
  3. Lie down without moving and wait for the enemies to pass by.
  4. Next, use your heartbeat sensor to check if anyone is in the building.
  5. There won’t be anyone, so again follow Price.
  6. As you keep progressing you will reach a point where you and Price will find a sniping spot to eliminate enemies.
  7. There will be several enemies in your line of sight they will either be individuals or in groups of 2 or 3.
  8. Follow Price’s instructions and eliminate them all:
    • Single enemies: You can take one enemy down on your own.
    • Double enemies: You will take down one, while Price eliminates the other.
    • Triple enemies: You need to find a position such that you can eliminate 2 enemies with a single shot. And Price will take care of the third enemy.
  9. An important thing to note here is you are very far from the enemy. So you will need to aim your scope slightly higher than the actual position of the enemy to kill them. Listen to Price on which enemies to eliminate first and how higher your scope should be in notches to eliminate the enemies.
  10. Eliminate them in such a way no one gets to trigger the alarm and you will even unlock the Nobody Was There Trophy.
  11. Now all that is left to do is get to the main building.
  12. While you make your way toward the building, the enemies will send a car to your location to search for you.
  13. Here you can either eliminate them all or hide in the grass and wait for them to pass by.
  14. Once they are gone you are ready to enter the main building.

That covers this guide on how to enter the main building in Recon by Fire in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. For more walkthroughs on other missions check out our CoD MW2 Wiki.