Apex Legends Engine Error Fix

Wondering about engine error occurring while playing Apex Legends? Here is how you can fix Apex Legends Engine Error

If you were planning to start Apex Legends and you come across Engine Error, it can be pretty annoying, to say the least. There are various reasons why this error can occur on your screen while playing the game. Having said that it has a simple list of fixes you can try to deal with the error. Here is a guide to help you through it

How to Fix Engine Error in Apex Legends

apex legends error fix

The most recurring Engine Error that might occur on your screen while playing Apex Legends will be 0x887a0006 dxgi_error_device_hung. This error mainly occurs when there are corrupted files or outdated GPU drivers which may cause the game to not run properly. It is also worth noting that GPU Overclocking can also result in this error. Here is our guide on how you can fix the Engine Error in all the three cases

Check for Corrupted Files

verify integrity of steam files

To resolve this issue you will have to repair the folder and get rid of all the corrupted or outdated game files. You can do this by verifying the integrity of the files on Steam or by selecting Repair in Origin. You can follow these steps to fix corrupted files on Steam or Origin

  • For Steam
    • Open the Steamapp and head toward the library
    • Here right click on Apex Legends and select properties
    • After which you can head toward the local files tab
    • Once done click on Verify Integrity Of Game Files Option
  • For Origin
    • Open Origin and head toward My Game Library
    • Right-click on Apex Legends and select Repair

Update your Graphics Driver

update graphic drivers

Outdated graphic card drivers too can cause errors and bugs in the game. So it is recommended to have updated graphic card drivers installed in your system. You can check for updates for your drivers from the dedicated graphic card software or follow these steps to do it through the device manager

  • Search for device manager and click to open
  • Once in you can then click on the drop-down arrow in front of Display adapters
  • Here right click on the GPU and select update drivers option

Revert Overclocking

The engine error can also be the result of GPU overclocking. Unstable GPU won’t be able to load the game properly resulting in the issue. You would have to revert your GPU to the stock configuration if the issue does not resolve with the fixes above.

It is worth noting that sometimes graphic card overlays can also cause the game to not start properly, so you can try disabling them from the dedicated graphic card software. (This will not let you access any overlay features while playing the game)

That is everything on how you can fix engine errors in Apex Legends. Here is a guide on the fix for the ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ error in Apex Legends.