Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe: How To Make?

Know how to craft an Ender Chest in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a well-known Sandbox game that allows the player to showcase their creativity. Multiple resources can be collected and further crafted into different items. On several occasions, you will run out of space to carry resources in your Inventory. In such cases, players can use a Chest to store their items. An Ender Chest is one such block in Minecraft that needs to be crafted in order to stack items in it. An Ender Chest is very beneficial for a player in this game. This is because the Ender Chests are interconnected to each other. This means if you have an Ender Chest in your base, and if you take another one with you in a different dimension, then the collected resource will be transferred to your base. Check out this guide and know to know the recipe for making an Ender Chest in Minecraft.

How to Craft an Ender Chest in Minecraft (Recipe)

Ender Chest Recipe in Minecraft

Here’s the recipe for an Ender Chest for crafting it in the game:

  • Obsidian Blocks – Obsidian Blocks are one of the resources needed while crafting an Ender Chest. A total of 8x Obsidian Blocks are needed here. Thereafter, these blocks can be obtained by pouring a Bucket of Water over Lava. Use a Diamond Pickaxe to mine the Obsidian block from it. Also, keep in mind that Lava fields are mostly founded on the lower grounds of the map. This will get you the first recipe for crafting an Ender Chest in Minecraft.
  • Eye of Ender – Now, to craft an Eye of Ender, you require two items which are the Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder. There are multiple ways of obtaining an Ender Pearl. It is possible to obtain it from the Endermen that has a 50% chance of dropping an Ender Pearl when defeated. Additionally, you can obtain it from expert-level cleric villagers in exchange for 5x Emeralds. Moreover, you can get it from Piglins in exchange for Gold Ingots. Further, get Blaze Powder from Blaze Rods obtained by defeating Blaze in Nethers. Use the Crafting Table to obtain an Eye of Ender from Ender Pear; and Blaze Powder in Minecraft.
    Ender Chest Recipe in Minecraft
  • After obtaining both 8x Obsidian Blocks and Eye of Ender, you have to craft them in perfect order to obtain an Ender Chest.
  • In the 3×3 Crafting Grid, place the Eye of Ender in the middle and surround the Obsidian Blocks around it to obtain the Chest.

That is the recipe for making an Ender Chest in Minecraft. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Minecraft guides.