How To End A Game In Humankind

This guide will show you how to end a game in Humankind.

In Humankind, there exist multiple ways to end a game depending on how the player goes about it. The main concept of Humankind just like every other 4x game is to “Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate”. This pretty much gives away the endgame scenario for Humankind as well. There exist a set of given conditions that need to be met before the game ends.
In this guide, we’ll be highlighting all those conditions. Additionally, we will be listing out ways by virtue of which you can end your game as the conqueror supreme!
Follow the steps mentioned below to end a game of Humankind.

How to End a Game in Humankind?

endgame humankind

To end a game in Humankind, you must accomplish One among the undermentioned factors:

  • Reach the final turn to end the game.
  • Eliminate all the empires in-game.
  • Vassalize all empires in survival.
  • Collect All of The following “Contemporary Era Stars”- Aesthete, Agrarian, Builder, Expansionist, Merchant, Militarist, Scientist.
  • Complete the Technology Tree.
  • Finish the “Mars Colony National Project” and send a mission to Mars.
  • Ensure the world is unfit to sustain advanced living organisms (Humans).

Game Speed & Final Turns

Here is the list of maximum turns you can get with each Game Speeds to end a game in Humankind:

Game Speed Maximum turns
Blitz 75
Fast 150
Normal 300
Slow 450
Endless 600

The final turn depends on your game speed. The table above enlists the Game Speeds and the corresponding maximum turns for each game mode.

  1. Completing the “Technology Tree” route will probably be the simplest and swiftest route to ending the game as of now.
  2. It is strenuous to send a mission to Mars, but not impossible.
  3. Managing to accomplish it will end the game quicker than the technology tree in all probability.
  4. If you somehow strategize to the point where you can secure resources that can work to deem human life unfit for surviving in the world, you probably will earn a huge amount of fame.

That’s everything you need to know about how to end a game in Humankind. If you liked it, be sure to check out more of our guides, tips & tricks, and other cool stuff we curate about Humankind.