Roblox Encounters Tier List December 2023

Looking for the best champion to main in Roblox Encounters? Check out this Encounters Tier List ranking all the fighters from best to worst.

Time to check this Encounters Tier list, as this is a very popular game for Roblox due to its Smash bros-style gameplay. And just like most fighting games it too offers many fighters. When you have many champions in a game some are sure to be stronger than the others. And in other games, some are easier to master than others. So let us take a look at this ranking of all the fighters from best to worst.

Roblox Encounters Tier List of Best Champions

encounters tier list of best fighters for roblox

Before we get into this list, it is important to know these are just my recommendation of the best champions. You might find some of your fighters to be stronger and placed on a different tier. And that is fine because this list is about which characters are easier to play with. So without further ado let us get into the list.

Champion Tier
Kusanagi S Tier
Pactwo S Tier
Hamza S Tier
Charlemange A Tier
Construct A Tier
Ryan A Tier
Fiona A Tier
Rena B Tier
Seth B Tier
Don B Tier
Zhao B Tier
Mai B Tier
Arash C Tier
Walter C Tier
Hana C Tier
Gunso C Tier
Senthe C Tier
Poppy D Tier
Alina D Tier
Aloysius D Tier

S Tier fighters are the easiest to learn. A Tier champions are on par with the learning difficulty of S Tier fighters. B Tier and C Tier characters are also good. D Tier characters are the ones who many players might not enjoy playing with.

That sums up this Encounters Tier List of best fighters for 2022. Since you are playing this game you should definitely check out our Encounters codes list to get some freebies. If you enjoyed this list then don’t miss out on more such fun Tier Lists. And if you like playing Roblox then we have several guides and codes for it in our Roblox section.