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Destiny 2: Empty Grief Challenge Not Working Fix

Troubles with completing the challenge Guardian? Check out our guide on how to complete the Empty Grief Challenge in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter game that is set up in the mythic sci-fi open world. There are a plethora of different aspects that you can explore in its extensive open world. You will unlock and grind on several missions as well as challenges as you progress. Empty Grief is one of the seasonal events in the Season of Haunted quests that players need to complete. As it is a seasonal event, you need to defeat the targeted enemies with specific weapons. Most of the players are scratching over their heads about completing this challenge. Although most of the players have concluded that it is a bug or an error, it’s not! So, here’s our guide on how to fix and complete the Empty Grief challenge in Destiny 2.


How to Fix and Complete the Empty Grief Challenge in Destiny 2

You need to complete the Sever-Grief mission using only the specific Void Subclass with Void, Kinetic, or Stasis weapons in Destiny 2. If you use any of the other weapons, it won’t be counted and the seasonal challenge will not be completed.

destiny 2 empty grief challenge not working fix
Image Source – WeePow on YouTube.
  • Many players have been using the Scythe while completing this mission. But as it is a solar weapon, you won’t be able to complete the challenge using this weapon.
  • While we know how cool the Solar-powered scythe looks, it is not the right seasonal event for this one. So, all you need to do is Embrace the Void, fellow Guardian!
  • You need to equip the Void class and make sure to not use any other classes than Void, Kinetic, and Stasis.
  • Also, don’t use the Firefly with your weapons as it inflicts a solar explosion.
  • For some players that killed the Dregs with exploding barrels, it also inflicted a solar explosion. Hence, the challenge failed to complete.
  • In addition to that, one of the players shared that killing enemies with a wrench also disables your progression.
  • Thus, avoid killing the enemies with a wrench or exploding any barrels as you progress.

So, that’s everything covered about how to complete and fix the Empty Grief challenge in Destiny 2. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on our dedicated section for Destiny 2 right here on Gamer Tweak.