How to Drain Gas Tank in A Dusty Trip Roblox

This is how you empty the gas tank in A Dusty Trip when diesel or water is mixed into it.

A Dusty Trip throws you into the land where you must maintain your Stamina and Hunger while fighting the mutants to survive. Traveling on foot is not only dangerous but also draining for your character. So, repairing the vehicle and making sure the gas tank is filled becomes very crucial in such setups. However, it is easy to accidentally fill the tank with diesel and water, as the container is often the same for them.

When you do that, the car will stop working, and you will be stuck in an unknown path. Since no one would want to face this chaotic situation, especially after dark, we have given the simplest way to empty the gas tank of your car.

How to Remove Diesel and Water From Gas Tank in A Dusty Trip

Remove Diesel and Water From Gas Tank in A Dusty Trip
Image Credit: Roblox A Dusty Trip

To empty your car’s gas tank, you must first remove the wheel supporting that section. When you do that the car will tilt – then you can open its lid and shake it to drain out everything from the tank. Taking out the adjacent wheel will make it tilt more, and you will be able to drain out diesel faster. Once you are sure that the tank is empty or only gas is remaining, pour some gas and try to start the engine.

If even after doing this, your car isn’t moving, then you should empty the engine. To do that, take out the engine from the car and right-click to rotate it until the cap is facing down. Now you need to wait for some time till it leaks the oil or something else that might have mixed with it. After making sure that it’s empty, fill the oil, place the engine and start the car.

With this, we wrap up the fastest way to empty a gas tank in A Dusty Trip. If you are new to the game and haven’t got the hang of the controls, then you should head over to our controls guide and check A Dusty Trip’s Trello for more information.