Emboar Best Moveset In Pokemon Go

Check out Emboar's moveset in Pokemon Go right here to know how and when to call in battles

Emboar moveset in Pokemon Go is a bit of a mystery as a lot of players have suddenly been curious about this fire and fighting type Pokemon. While the Pokemon is in its third stage of evolution, it has learned a few things that make it formidable things like Gym battles and PvP. If you wish to know the moves, check here.

Emboar Moveset In Pokemon Go

Emboar in Pokemon Go has a total of 2 Quick Moves and 4 Main Moves. While the pokemon is mainly a fire and fighting type pokemon, having these two different elements works in its favor when in PvP and Gym battles. All you have to do is wait for the right opportunity and bring out Emboar and it will dominate the match for you.

Emboar Moveset In Pokemon Go

All Of Emboar’s Moveset in Pokemon Go

Low Kick and Ember are the two quick moves that Emboar has within its arsenal. Low Kick, can cause 12 damage per second and Ember too causes the same amount.

Emboar gets powerful when you use its main moves and switching alternatively between the two will help you to be victorious in battles.

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Moves like Heat Wave cause 38 DPS, while Rock Slide causes 296 DPS. Then there’s the focus blast that will have you cause 48 damage per second and finally Flame Charge that causes up to 22.1 DPS.

This makes Emboar one of the best Pokemon to get for gym and pvp battles as both of its elements make it a great offensive option. Emboar is the evolved version of Pignite who itself is an evolved version of Tepig.

Having an Emboar will help you immensely and give you an alternative attacking option in the game.

This is all there is to know about Emboar moveset in Pokemon Go, while you’re here make sure to check out the Pokemon Go Element Cup Tier List right here on Gamer Twaek.

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