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Elite Dangerous 2020 Guide For Newbies

Elite Dangerous Tips and Recommendations

The space simulator from Frontier Developments remains a unique occurrence in the market, significantly different from the ever-under development Star Citizen, arcade No Man’s Sky, and strategic X4 with emphasis on economics and strategic planning. Here is a short Elite Dangerous study guide for beginners, which is relevant for 2020.

We will start our Elite Dangerous guide with some relevant info. According to Elite Dangerous Reddit and Steam, millions of gamers refuse endless trade, military operations, and conflicts with aliens, setting off to explore boundless open spaces. The feeling of freedom is an incredible feeling, although much in this world is generated by procedural algorithms, albeit taking into account real astronomical discoveries. Despite efforts, the community managed to discover 0.5% of all generated systems.

What Starship to Choose

Let’s start our Elite Dangerous tips with a starship. We take DBE as the starting vessel since it is quite compact and maneuverable. In stock there is a 6-slot inventory for installing equipment. However, taking a human partner with you will not work. On the other hand, he can take a similar ship and go after you.

The second option is the ASP Explorer. Excellent features, cooling, and a two-seater cabin are solid advantages for an exciting journey through a distant galaxy. In terms of engines and maneuverability, the option is not bad, you just need to save some for purchase. However, this is not as expensive as the Anaconda.

What to Do Next

Let’s start by choosing the remote point for the jump. I advise you to start with any mysterious nebula because there you are guaranteed to see spectacular landscapes. After entering the system, you need to examine all available objects. At the same time, you can visit the black holes. They are interesting, mysterious, and a little gloomy.

Money is awarded for discoveries, and the black hole is the most valuable research material. The ideal scenario is when you have already managed to make money on trading, so as not to bother yourself with further earnings and just have fun. It is important to note that you can leave your name on the objects discovered for the first time, which other pilots will see.

How to Refuel from a Star in Elite Dangerous

You will need to install a fuel intake that does not weigh anything and activates automatically. It is enough to fly to the right place, after which the replenishment of the fuel supply will begin.

When approaching, the temperature increases and there is a chance to burn because of the energy of the star, so proceed carefully. Beginners are less likely to use fuel intake since they have not yet mastered how to operate it with minimal risks. According to our observations, it is better to fly up with the front end of your ship to a source of energy.

The Main Dangers in the Game

You need to pay particular attention to the following:

  • Targoids. The alien race was added in 2017. The first meeting with them can make you really afraid. First, the shuttle is de-energized, and then an attack occurs. It looks like in horror films.
  • Places with increased gravity. It can lead to death, so the pilot should participate in the Galactic Mapping project to highlight dangerous locations on the global map.

In this guide, we discussed the main Elite Dangerous recommendations that are needed for newbies in Elite Dangerous. If you adhere to them, you will not feel any difficulties with starting your incredible journey.