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What Is Elemental Overflow In WOW Dragonflight? [Explained]

Here is all you need to know about Elemental Overflow in WoW Dragonflight.

The latest game in the World of Warcraft series – Dragonflight – gives players the ability to traverse through the vast and immersive world of Dragon Isles. With tons of new features in store like new maps, skills and dragons. Elemental Overflow is one of the new features that has been brought in the game. If you’re wondering what it is about, here’s all the information you need on Elemental Overflow in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.


Elemental Overflow in WoW Dragonflight [Explained]

With the game’s release in late November 2022, a new currency was introduced too. It is known as Elemental Overflow. It is very useful as it can help you buy some valuable items in WoW Dragonflight. This currency can be obtained from Primalist Invasion mobs. These invasions contain groups of specific enemy types like Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Upon defeating these Primalist NPC’s, you will be rewarded with Elemental Overflow.

Keep in mind that these Primalist mobs spawn every six hours as they invade different zones in Dragon Isles. Once you clear a specific area you will have to come back later to get more currency. As always, stronger Primalists will guarantee you more Elemental Overflow, however, they’ll be harder to beat. Farming Elemental Overflow is relatively easy as every Primalist NPC drops a decent amount of the currency.

Elemental Overflow explained Dragonflight


How to Use Elemental Overflow

Elemental Overflow in WoW Dragonflight can be used to buy gears, weapons and other items from Mythressa which is situated in Valdrakken. We have marked the exact location of the vendor on the map above. Given below are some of the items that you can purchase:

  • Bracers, Cloaks & Belts for 200 Elemental Overflow
  • Shoulders, Boots & Gloves for 350 Elemental Overflow
  • Chest, Legs, & Helms for 350 Elemental Overflow
  • All Weapons for 800 Elemental Overflow
  • Stormie [Pet] for 1,000 Elemental Overflow
  • Ghostflame [Pet] for 1,000 Elemental Overflow
  • Stormhide Salamanther (Mount) for 2,000 Elemental Overflow

That’s everything you need to know about Elemental Overflow in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. For more such content, stay tuned to our WoW page right here!