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Electro Sigils In Genshin Impact

Everything about Electro Sigils you should know.

Anyone who is new to Genshin Impact, an anime-styled game, may not have encountered the Electro Sigils yet or if they did, they might be wondering what these sigils are. Different players may have different doubts regarding the same. Here, we will explain in detail what are electro sigils and where & how to find them.

What Are Electro Sigils


staue of seven in inazuma

Before learning about Electro Sigils, one must understand what is a Sigil itself. Sigils are different badges or units which can be exchanged for certain perks, rewards and other items in souvenir shops. Currently, there are three Sigils in Genshin Impact which represent three different nations. The Geo Sigils are available for the Liyue nation, the Anemo Sigils represent the nation of Mondstadt and Electro Sigils are the latest ones that are limited to the nation of Inazuma.

Use Of Electro Sigils: Electro Sigils are collected by all the players for nothing but one reason, to get amazing rewards that can help them in their journey in Genshin Impact. When a player collects enough amount of Electro Sigils, they can upgrade the Sacred Sakura Tree to the next level which will get them rewarded with cool stuff such as Gold, Experience Points, Talent Materials, Ores, Crown of Insights and on and on and on…


How And Where To Find Electro Sigils In Genshin Impact

upgrade statue of seven to get electro sigils

open common chests to find electro sigils


Acquiring Electro Sigils is an easy task when compared to finding them. Mentioned below are some of the easiest ways to do so:-

  1. Electro Sigils from Chests
    • The most basic method of getting Electro Sigils is from the chests that you get while playing the game. Each progressive chest gives you more Electro Sigils than the last one. Check
      the list given below:

      • Chest Type – Number of Electro Sigils
        1. Normal Chest – 1 Electro Sigil
        2. Exquisite Chest – 2 Electro Sigils
        3. Precious Chest – 3 Electro Sigils
        4. Luxurious Chest – 4 Electro Sigils
  2. Upgrade The Statue Of Seven
    • Another way to obtain Electro Sigils is by upgrading the Statue of Seven in the Inazuma nation. Each upgraded level will give you a different number of Electro Sigils. Note that Electro Sigils are limited to the Inazuma nation so upgrading other statues will not help in this case.
  3. Use The Electro Treasure Compass
    • You must have seen this one coming, right? What’s the best device to find hidden treasure? A compass that tells you exactly where to look at. Using Electro Treasure Compass is a very easy task which can get you many chests and those chests will give you Electro Sigils, as we discussed above. Just equip the compass and click on its icon on your screen. Now, you simply have to follow the initial trail to get to know the direction in which you may find an Electro Sigil. Start moving in the same direction and if there are any chests around you, you will see them blinking. Try and find as many chests as you can.
  4. Completion of Domains
    • When you complete a domain in Genshin Impact, you get certain rewards. Well, we need Electro Sigils as our reward here so we will mention only those domains in Inazuma that give you Electro Sigils when you finish them. There are three such domains, Tutelage King of Thieves, Tutelage Castle of Scrolls, and Tutelage A Thousand Scrolls. The important thing to remember is that these domains will give you five Electro Sigils each if and only if you complete them on your first try; this can be a bit difficult. Let us know if you want us to help you clear these domains in your first try, with a separate guide.


All these ways to find Electro Sigils can definitely help you with your quest. Take your time, collect them and then offer your Electro Sigils to The Sacred Sakura Tree or you can even exchange them in souvenir shops.

Do not forget that Electro Sigils can only be obtained and used in Inazuma; so try not to end up wasting your time searching for them at the wrong place.

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