Elden Ring Leak Reveals Return of PvP & Souls Series Class System

In recent days Elden Ring, the new and mysterious title currently in development at the studios of the famous studio FromSoftware, has been the undisputed protagonist of a large number of leaks and revelations, including the online diffusion of an alleged gameplay trailer of the game, by whose official status has not yet been confirmed or denied.

This long series of information does not seem ready to stop yet and today some rumors seem to confirm that the highly anticipated video game will arrive with some of the features that fans have come to love in the famous Souls series.

Speaking on the ResetERA forums, Omnipotent, who in the past has proven to be a very reliable source, confirmed that Elden Ring will present PvP functionality and online multiplayer, elements that fans have been missing a lot within Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

As stated by the user, PvP and multiplayer are not the only features that will return in Elden Ring, considering that the game will feature the same character creation and class system seen in the Souls series. Additionally, Omnipotent commented on the Elden Ring trailer that leaked online last week, revealing that it wasn’t a “controlled” leak of FromSoftware, but in fact, most likely the company was unaware of the existence of that trailer.

According to the insider, even if the leaked gameplay trailer can offer us a first look at the game world, the latter does not show any of the key features of the project, which at the moment still remain a mystery.

The last statement concerns the atmosphere of the title shown in the trailer, much more colorful than that of the other FromSoftware titles. According to Onmipotent, this feature will remain unchanged in the final game, which is a nice surprise, considering that this particular element was immediately greeted with skepticism by fans of the series.

In any case, we remind you that at the moment it comes to indiscretions and that FromSoftware has not yet revealed many details on the highly anticipated video game. We, therefore, advise you to take this information with a grain of salt, as it could be refuted at any time.