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Elden Ring Interactive Map Guide

Looking for the best interactive map available for Elden Ring? This guide has three of them for you.

While playing Elden Ring you will use your map more often than you thought you would. Coming from Dark Souls or Sekiro having to use a map might feel weird but the game needs it. But the good thing is the game has developed it very neatly and it is very handy. Although, a catch is you might want to use an interactive map to plan your game better. This could be to locate a site of grace or find a certain boss, whatever the case might be they are equally important. So in this guide let us take a look at the best interactive maps available for Elden Ring.

Best Interactive Maps For Elden Ring


best interactive maps for elden ring
Image Credit: Map Genie

While there are many different maps available for this game. These are the best recommended interactive maps that will be very useful when playing Elden Ring.

  • Map Genie
  • Fextralife
  • IGN


Let us check the features all of them provide.

Map Genie – Elden Ring Interactive Map

elden ring map genie interactive map
Image Credit: Map Genie


Map Genie is the most detailed interactive map available on this list. Like all the other interactive maps, it too provides you with filters, but what separates it from others is the categories. There are different categories each that have a ton of filters that are very specific. For example Cerulean Scarab under Items or Wandering Mausoleum under locations. These are all the categories and filters that you can get help with from Map Genie.

  • Locations
    • Divine Tower
    • Dungeon
    • Elevator
    • Evergaol
    • Hidden Passage
    • Imp Seal Statue
    • Landmark
    • Legacy Dungeon
    • Martyr Effigy
    • Minor Erdtree
    • Portal
    • Site Of Grace
    • Smithing Table
    • Spiritspring Jump
    • Stake Of Marika
    • Wandering Mausoleum
  • Key Items
    • Cookbook
    • Great Rune
    • Key Item
    • Map Fragment
    • Stonesword Key
  • Items
    • Ammunition
    • Cerulean Scarab
    • Consumable
    • Crimson Scarab
    • Crystal Tear
    • Dragon Heart
    • Gesture
    • Golden Rune
    • Golden Seed
    • Item
    • Larval Tear
    • Multiplayer Item
    • Sacred Tear
    • Spirit Ashes
  • Equipment
    • Armor
    • Ash Of War
    • Incantation
    • Shield
    • Sorcery
    • Talisman
    • Weapon
  • NPC’s
    • Character
    • Merchant
    • Trainer
  • Enemies
    • Boss
    • Creature
    • Demigod
    • Elite Enemy
    • Enemy
    • Great Boss
    • Invasion
  • Materials
    • Bolstering Material
    • Crafting Material
    • Ruin Fragment
    • Smithing Stone
  • Other
    • Birdseye Telescope
    • Guiding Statue
    • Lore
    • Miscellaneous
    • Puzzle
    • Quest
    • Summoning Sigil

Other than filters you also get features like adding custom locations, sharing these locations with friends, and more.



fextralife interactive map
Image Credit: Fextralife

If you are looking for a little less detailed map then the interactive map by Fextralife is a good option. This is not to say that this map is not informative, the interactive map by Fextralife covers most things in its filters while eliminating the category part entirely.

  • All
  • Armor
  • Ashes of War
  • Bosses
  • Consumables
  • Flask Upgrades
  • Key
  • Locations
  • Maps
  • Materials
  • NPC
  • NPC Invader
  • Shields
  • Site of Grace
  • Spells
  • Spirit Ashes
  • Talismans
  • Upgrade Materials
  • Waygates
  • Weapons


ign interactive map
Image Credit: IGN

Another great option for an interactive map is by IGN. This map covers the basics that most players will look for when playing the game. You can get help with these filters when using this map.

  • Character
  • Dungeon
  • Golden Seed
  • Invasion
  • Key Item
  • Legacy Dungeon
  • Magic Spell
  • Map Fragment
  • Point of Interest
  • Recipe Book
  • Roaming Boss
  • Sacred Tear
  • Site of Grace
  • Stonesword Key
  • Teardrop Scarab

That sums up this guide on the interactive maps for Elden Ring. Since you are using the map you should check our other guides on all map locations.