El Asilo Map Guide In Modern Warfare 2

Here is everything you should know about the El Asilo map in COD Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 features a diverse variety of Guns and Melee Weapons. This gives players an opportunity to showcase their combat skills in a classic COD showdown. As we know, COD games were always popular because of their visuals and in-game mechanics. However, there are various other elements that make the game more fun to play. The other important element while trying to enjoy a game is the environment you are playing in. Again, Modern Warfare 2 has a plethora of maps for you to choose from. Among many of them, the El Asilo map is something that challenges the true tactician within you. Already feeling the energy of the map right? Check out this guide that highlights the El Asilo map of COD MW2 in detail.

El Asilo Map in COD Modern Warfare 2

El Asilo Map In COD MW2

El Asilo takes you to experience the early 20s smuggler’s hideout. Situated in Las Almas, Mexico, this map features the environment of a warehouse used by cartels. Surrounded by hills and a warehouse with multiple spots, this makes El Asilo one of the best 6v6 maps in MW2. With this map selected, you can enjoy multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Prisoner Rescue, Knock Out, Hardpoint, and Search and Destroy.

Best Loadout for El Asilo Map

Here’s a loadout that you can help you to dominate in El Asilo.

  • Primary Weapon – Fennec 45
  • Secondary Weapon – P890
  • Tactical – Stun or Flash Grenade
  • Lethal – Claymore

Fennec 45 is an ideal Primary Weapon that you should use in the El Asilo map of MW2. This SMG absolutely tears down the opponent in close range. Check out this guide for the best loadout for Fennec 45. Also,  P890 is worthy of owning the spot for a secondary weapon here. With its blasting fire rate and close-range damage, you can decimate an enemy with 2 bullets max.

What is the Best Strategy to Use in El Asilo?

This part is especially for those who are new to this map. All the game modes taking place in the El Asilo map of MW2 are fast-paced. Hence, this does not get you enough time to explore the map completely. The very first thing I would recommend is to make sure that you use your Score Streaks like Precision Airstrike or Chopper Gunner carefully. Since most of the enemies are going to hold inside the warehouse, there’s a chance that you may miss your precious Score Streaks.

Further, with multiple entrances in the building, you and your team can take the advantage of them as well. Although, make sure that you are in a crouching position near a window. Because the ledges are short and most of the time, you will be exposing your head. In addition, if you are thinking to play aggressively, then make sure to throw a flashbang before entering another room. In fact, this is the most important tip I would give to those who are playing in the El Asilo map of MW2.

El Asilo Map In COD MW2

Don’t worry Snipers, El Asilo got positions for you as well. As mentioned earlier, the environment is surrounded by hills and you can players who carry Sniper can take advantage of it. I mean, if you are looking to upgrade your Snipers, then you should definitely try them as shown in the image above.

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That’s everything you should know about the El Asilo map in COD Modern Warfare 2. While you are here, make sure to check out our COD MW2 Wiki right here on Gamer Tweak.