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EGS Started Giving GTA V for Free and a Big Sale

GTA V for free

The rumor was confirmed: Epic Games Store gives GTA V for free. It has already attracted the attention of a mass of players. Anyone can go to the store and add to the library Grand Theft Auto V, which is the famous hit from Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive. The promotion will last until May 21.

GTA V is an action game with an open world and a story campaign with 30–40 hours of gameplay. Developers from Rockstar Games have implemented in Grand Theft Auto V a large map with the fictional state of San Andreas, where you can freely move around in different types of transport. When playing, players are free to arrange shootings using dozens of different guns and shelters. There are also plenty of additional activities in the project, for example, racing, flying school, and different collectibles.

Also, there is a multiplayer GTA Online mode, which is a sandbox with a lot of activities. Here you can arrange team robberies, buy real estate, sell stolen cars, and so on. It is important to note that the premium version of GTA V is distributed in the Epic Games Store. It includes one million virtual dollars, weapons, clothes, real estate, and several types of vehicles for multiplayer.

But to get the game, you need to enable two-factor authentication in EGS.

At the time of writing the news, the store’s servers were temporarily out of order, as they could not cope with the influx of users. In addition, the Epic Games Mega Sale has begun on the site, during which mysterious games will be distributed every week, and One of them may be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.