Devil May Cry 5 Easter Eggs: Check Out All The Interesting Trivia

From Manga To Old Titles, You cannot miss these Easter Eggs

Devil May Cry 5 is littered with Easter eggs all throughout the game, some are a calling back to the manga series while others are a call back to the earlier games.

Devil May Cry 5 has spanned across generations of consoles and it is nice to see the new game referencing them, and bringing back memories of playing the older games. With substantial lore behind the game and a ton of fans all over the world, Devil May Cry 5 was appreciated by almost everyone, keeping the best bits of the game intact and bringing newer things to the game.

Here are the best Easter eggs in the game:

  • Nell Goldstein
  • Tony Redgrave
  • Motorcycle
  • Devil Breaker
  • Dr. Faust
  • The Mega Breaker
  • A Rose For You
  • Familiars
  • Agnus Goldstein
  • J.D. Morrison and Patty Lowell

Keep reading on how you get a chance to discover this hidden secrets.

Nell Goldstein

dmc nell

You will hear Nico bring up her grandmother Nell Goldstein in conversations and though it seems a bit odd there is a particular reason behind it, you see Dante met Nico’s grandmother in a Devil May Cry light novel. Both of them are mentioned as close friends in the book and Dante often visits her to buy new weapons and trade off spares which he collects along the way. After Dante keeps breaking his pistols repeatedly, Nell makes the indestructible dual pistols for Dante names Ebony and Ivory.

Tony Redgrave

tony redgrave dmc

A lot of players might not get this but, Dante was named Tony Redgrave in the Devil May Cry light novels and this is a slight nod to him and the earlier work featuring him. Though those novels are not canon anymore but, it is nice to know that these things aren’t completely overlooked by the developers.


dmc motorcycle

If you recall to the earlier games, Dante definitely had a thing for motorcycles in the past. The chainsaw motorcycle that appears after you defeat Cavaliere Angelo who has a trapped Trish inside him, which seems fitting knowing how much she likes motorcycles.

Devil Breaker

dmc devil breaker

Another ode to old times sake in the Punchline Devil Breaker, if you happen to use this item you can also ride it as a rocket board, an idea which was introduced in Devil May Cry 3 as Dante does the same after the Cerberus boss fight. This time though it’s time for Nero to have the fun.

Dr. Faust

dmc faust
This one is by far my most favorite after Nico meets up with Dante and is starstruck she progresses to hand Dante a white hat which brings up all sorts weird antics by Dante as he starts to dance like Michael Jackson. If you remember back to Devil May Cry 4, you will remember Dr. Faust a hat wearing demon used to possess this hat.

The Mega Breaker

dmc mega man
One of Nero’s Devil Breaker is the Mega Man’s buster arm. What’s more interesting is the fact that Nero’s animation change to match Mega Man’s when you jump. It is an interesting little detail embedded in such a huge game but finding it and using brings a lot of joy watching a demon hunter take up childish trick though in Devil May Cry style.

A Rose For You

dmc rose
You will have to get good before you can achieve this, you will need to achieve an S Rank for this and when you do Dante will pull out a rose and say, “And you are set free.” This pays homage to the monologues in Devil May Cry 4 which Dante delivers after defeating Berial.


dmc familiars
If you ever sat and thought that V’s familiar reminded you of something then you are correct as hardcore fans will know they are a direct nod to Devil May Cry 1’s bosses. They even sport the same name in this game will feature the same boss theme to them as the game progresses.

Agnus Goldstein

dmc agnus
As Nico hands Dante the hat, she briefly speaks of her Dad but doesn’t go further into who he is. If you have been playing the series from the beginning you will know that Nico’s father is the same person who designed weapons for the Red Queen in Devil May Cry 4. Agnus, a research obsessed scientist from the previous game. It seems designing weapons that wreak havoc runs through the family.

J.D. Morrison and Patty Lowell

dmc morrison
J.D. Morrison is from the Animated Series and though it did not achieve the same level of success of the game it did end up being as an easter egg in Devil May Cry 5. Patty Lowell is another character from the same series who Dante takes under his wing. She can be heard in this game as well when she calls and invites Dante for her 18th birthday.

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