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EA Sports FC – All Leaks In The New FIFA 24?

Here's all you need on EA Sports FC and what it means as the new FIFA 24.

FIFA 23 is going to go down as one of the most iconic games since it is the last game that EA Sports releases under the name FIFA. Before the release of FIFA 23, FIFA and EA Sports parted ways after 30 years of success in the industry. In April 2023, EA Sports revealed the logo for EA Sports FC, the new FIFA 24 that has sparked excitement among the fans of the game. But what can fans expect from the game and will it have the same options as the previous installments? We recommend you keep reading below and find out.

What’s the Future of FIFA 24 & EA Sports FC?

EA Sports FC FIFA 24 Release

With the partnership between FIFA and EA Sports coming to an end, the next game that would have been FIFA 24 will now release under the name EA Sports FC. Since EA Sports has acquired the rights to keep the teams, original players, and other modes through the FIFPRO deal. So if you were worried about having to play without them, you are in luck.

However, the one thing that EA Sports FC will not be having is the FIFA World Cup. Players will have to make do without the iconic mode. While players will have to adjust to calling it EA Sports FC, it will be some time before players forget the term FIFA.

EA Sports FC & FIFA 24 Release Dates

It is likely that EA Sports FC will release at the same time as earlier, around September or October 2023. However, the official date is not out yet. EA will release a trailer before that happens so we should find out soon enough. We will update this guide as soon as the date is out.

The statement by Giovanni Infantino, the President of FIFA, makes the situation of FIFA 24 sound gloomy. According to the statement, it might be that we are not getting a game under the name FIFA anytime soon.

EA Sports FC Logo Reveal

While the trailer and the official reveal date are still highly awaited, EA Sports FC will excite the fans with the new logo reveal. Along with the logo reveal, EA also hints that they will reveal more on the game in July. You can see all that from the tweet on the official account.

All FIFA 24 Leaks

From all the leaks on FIFA 24 or the EA Sports FC, we can say that you won’t be missing out on much except the name of the game. As things stand, players are likely to get the Ultimate Team mode along with the other regular modes like Career Mode, Tournament, and others.

With the Women’s Career Mode reported to be available in the game as well, it might be a new direction that players would love to test. Since many would even love to play the Champions League and Premier League on occasions, they should be able to enjoy them like the previous installments. Keep in mind that this is a new direction for both FIFA and EA Sports so we might see a lot of unexpected things pop up soon.

Once July arrives, we will have more news to ponder about the future of the game and hopefully, cherish some exciting news. We will update this guide as soon as new information arrive so make sure you bookmark it for future reference.

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