EA Executives Refuse Bonuses After A Bad Fiscal Year In 2019

After a bad first half of the year for EA, the high-level executives have decided to give up their bonuses. The unsuccessful launch of Anthem was one of the major setbacks for EA Games this year and this has caused them a lot of damage.

EA had a good financial run going from 2014 to 2018 but with games like Anthem and Battlefront 2 declining in popularity and the launch debacle which hampered the reputation of the company, this decision by the highest level executives make sense.

A statement was released following the decision to not take bonuses which elaborated the reasoning for their decision and gave an insight into what they will do in the future.

“While we are disappointed with our fiscal 2019 results, we understand the challenges we face, and we will continue to focus on how we can apply the strengths of our Company to capitalize on our opportunities,”

While not everything went bad for EA, with Apex Legends and FIFA 19 finding hitting the ground running both games have since launch failed to keep the same level of excitement.

EA is under investigation about loot boxes and micro transactions in the gaming industry as well, it seems that EA has a lot of answering to do before they can come back at the forefront of gaming world again.