15 E3 2019 Games To Get Excited About

E3 2019 is approaching fast and as a self-respecting video gamers, we knows it’s the place to be to climb on board the hype train to plan out future purchases. From all the rumours and speculations we’ve found 15 games to look forward to at E3 2019. Sony will be not be showing off their games this year, unfortunately hence no Death Stranding or Ghost of Tsushima in this.

15 Games To Get Excited About at E3 2019

Cyberpunk 2077

No matter how much you say about this game, it surely is going to blow everyone’s mind in this year’s E3. Following their presence in E3 last year which pretty much drew everyone’s attention. CD Projekt Red is surely going to up the scales this time around, with this title being confirmed for the current generation of the console it means that the launch of Cyberpunk won’t be that long as the storm for next-gen consoles is picking up fast.

Cyberpunk 2077 will certainly be a show stopper at this year’s E3 as we cannot wait for what they have in store for us.

Gears Of War 5

What’s not cool about putting on heavy armor and ripping your enemy to shreds will muscular guns and action. An adrenaline junkie’s delight Gears Of War 5 seems to have been made much bigger and  badder with an eye out for a mass appeal. Gears of War series has never failed to amaze its player base and they somehow always up the ante. With Kate being as the lead we will get to discover her journey which though different will be very interesting to see where this takes us.

Halo Infinite

343 seems to have been wanting to continue their story of Master Chief as they are gearing up for the biggest Halo title we have ever seen, the cherry on top for Halo Infinite is the fact that the game was made with PC users in mind which means that after a long time PC gamers too can be part of his Sci-Fi epic that is surely going to blow everyone’s mind.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Dealing with the aftermath of Order 66, a young Jedi must survive against the odds in order to survive the incoming onslaught of the Empire. The game will feature event following the things that took place after Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and will hopefully help bridge the gap. The early footages in the trailer seem promising enough and let’s hope that EA does not ruin another Star Wars game that could be great.

Session (Xbox)

Session is bringing back skateboarding back to the main stage with this new title for the current generation of consoles, with session you will have the chance to make the entire city your playground and find new ways to perform tricks and pull off awesome moves. If this game turns out to be as fun as yesteryears Tony Hawk titles, it will give its players years worth of things to do and make it most enjoyable.

Borderlands 3

Speaking of bringing back great titles from the past, Borderlands 3 is about to be launched this year, and during E3 there is certainly going to be a huge audience for the show as Borderlands series are known for their over the top action and the RPG elements in this game seems to be unlike anything else. With something new story breaking almost every other day, we’re not quite sure what they have in store for E3 as it is the perfect time to attract everyone’s attention. Borderlands 3 already looks out to be one of the biggest titles of this year and we’re hoping that gives us more of that in this E3 2019.

Doom Eternal

Who doesn’t like going to hell and being the one feared most there, Doom in itself is an incredible title and this year theme seems to be trying to produce something that the world has never seen before. Doom Eternal hopes to take things into next gear and you will literally have a ton of options in which you can kill demons in your way.

Your wrath may not know any end this is how you are supposed to take control and rain hellfire upon the very creatures that instill fear. This one promises to be faster, badder and more intense than anything you’ve ever seen before.

Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones seems like the pirate game that you have been waiting for, you take on the role of a pirate during its peak and you will constantly be in conflict with the East India Company, your story takes you through the ups and downs of piracy and how there’s a fine line that differentiates between friends and foes where there is no morality among each other. A ruthless game which will test your greed and make you want more. This game will certainly catch a lot of attention at this year’s E3. This is what Sea of Thieves wishes it could have been.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield will see players travel to a new region and will feature newer pokemon from Gen 8 make their appearance with almost all of the previous generation pokemon along with them. This will be Nintendo’s highlight reel at this year’s E3. We are excited to see where this title takes us and what’s next that Pokemon can offer us in the series. ALong with pokemon, you will have to battle trainer, different weather and go into locations you’ve never seen before. It sounds to be an instant classic. We’ll just have to wait and see now.


Control is one of the most anticipated games to be making their presence felt in this year’s E3. You play as a powerful mutant trapped inside a facility where you can manipulate almost anything, though not a lot about this title is known at the moment, the trailer shows incredible promise and a new perspective into this kind of game.

Dying Lights 2

This year seems to have been seeing a resurgent of survival horror games, with Resident Evil 2 remake, Days Gone and now Dying Lights 2 will make the E3 2019 show even better. Announced at last year’s event which showed some of the most versatile combat techniques in this genre, Dying Light 2 seems to be taking things further in this installment. It is sure that the legion of fans it has garnered with the prequel will have vested interest in this game and will make their voice heard at this year’s E3.

The Outer World

The Outer Worlds is a new single-player sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. As you explore a space colony, the character you decide to become will determine how this player-driven story unfolds. In the corporate equation for the colony, you are the unplanned variable.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi has been made fun at the expense of various memes and it seems fitting that he gets his place in a game titled after him, Luigi’s Mansion 3 seems like a childish horror game that will be a major discussion topic with the Nintendo community as the game seems to be quite enjoyable. This title shows hope and we’re assuming that this year’s E3 will shed more light on this.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft’s space-based RPG seems to be an intense game, with early footages making the rounds but no release date in sight, we’re hoping that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will deliver some of the most memorable gaming memories in recent times. Hopefully, we might get a release date soon for this title which seems highly unlikely but even with some additional footages, Ubisoft can maybe inspire people to wait and get the game when they are comfortably ready to release it.

Watch Dogs 3

e3 2019 watch dogs 3

Watch Dogs has been rumored to ready to release a sequel to Watch Dogs 3 and this installment will see players across the pond in England. The shift of continents will see different elements come into play which would breathe a fresh new life in the title and the franchise itself.

The structure seems to be the same but without an easy way of getting your hands on guns, players will have to find new ways of acquiring weapons and be more creative.

This are all the games we are excited for at E3 2019. Let us know which game are you excited for?