Dying Light Hellraid DLC Delayed To August

Initially planned for next week, Techland has today announced that it has delayed until next month the Hellraid DLC of Dying Light, the latest expansion for the survival horror of 2015.

The announcement came by surprise and somewhat muted in the past few hours on the Twitter profile of the European studio, which did not explain why the DLC was delayed, however, it is possible that the decision was made after the feedback found during the Hellraid beta, which probably needed some technical and graphical adjustments.

Hellraid will now be available on PC on August 13, while those who play on consoles will have to wait the next day, August 14.

Here is the description of the DLC:

No one knows where the strange arcade machine came from. One day the residents of the Tower just found it in the basement after an odd power outage. They took it upstairs unaware of what they had come across.

Shake up your Dying Light experience with the upcoming paid DLC introducing a new game mode based on Techland’s unreleased first-person fantasy slasher Hellraid. Explore a new dungeon area, arm yourself with brand-new weapons, and face vicious enemies straight from the depths of Hell. Tackle this fresh challenge alone or join forces with your friends for a thrilling co-op.

Hellraid will support cooperative mode with up to four players, and you can then choose to enter an otherworldly fortress invaded by the minions of Hell alone or with your friends, based on your courage.

Dying Light is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check the teaser trailer of the DLC below.