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Dying Light 2 Gets A 26 Minute Gameplay Demo Release By Techland

Techland revealed a demo of Dying Light 2 for a handful of people at E3 which got a very positive response from the audiences and now the developers have released a 26-minute gameplay demo.

In this demo, you get to see a 4K version of Dying Light 2 which is scheduled to be released in 2020. This demo showcases the abilities and some of the characters that will be a part of the game.

The video even goes in to show some of the combat moves that players can use to evade and take down enemies while being conflicted by some of the choices that the players will have to make in the game.

Judging by just the demo released Dying Light 2 looks amazing and will bring a new challenge in this open-world RPG sequel.

Dying Light 2 brings the zombie genre in a new light with the use of parkour and other abilities, players can find new and innovative ways to take on their enemies while being swift.

The story will feature around Aiden Caldwell and Dying Light 2 will have up to four players cooperative multiplayer.

Dying Light 2 is being developed by Techland and is scheduled to be released in Sring 2020 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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