Dying Light 2 Campaign Will Be Playable With 4 Co Op Participants

Dying Light 2 is getting ready for a Co-Op campaign mode, the developers have stated that the entire campaign of Dying Light 2 can be played entirely with 4 participants.

The developers have claimed that people liked their initial co-op option when introduced in Dying Light.

Lead game designer Tymon Smektala had this to say, “About 35% of people have experienced Dying Light in co-op, which really is a huge number for a game that wasn’t a co-op game in itself. You can play the whole story [of Dying Light 2] in co-op; four players maximum”.

Seen with the popularity and growth of the first title, it was inevitable for the studio to continue this process in the sequel while bringing new elements to the game.

Smektala continued, “In co-op, you know who the host is. The host makes the decisions for the game. But the next day if your friend invites you to their world you might see very different things”.

With Square Enix distributing the game it will certainly reach a broad audience and will be one of the most popular titles next year.

Dying Light 2 will be released in Spring 2020 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

We will keep updating on this as and when we have more information until then make sure to check out other news and features.