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How To Dupe Pets In Pet Sim X 2022 (Pet Simulator X)?

Here's about how to dupe pets in Pet Sim X (Pet Simulator X) in 2022.

The Pet Sim X glitch to duplicate pets dupe is back. Many players have mentioned this on Twitter and a lot of players are trying to implement it in this game. So let’s look at what we actually know about how to dupe pets in Pet Sim X (Pet Simulator X) in 2022.

How to Duplicate in Pet Simulator X (Pet Sim X Pets Dupe) in 2022?

Currently, the only way to duplicate pets in Pet Simulator X (Pet Sim X Dupe) is by downloading a krnl script from Pastebin and running it through a hack script. This is not fair to the devs and to all those people who either grind a lot or even pay for them by spending Robux. We strongly stand against any illegal transactions, that may do financial damage to any devs.

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Even though there are tons of other YouTube videos telling you how to dupe in Pet Sim X, many of them are just fake, and others just don’t work. Some videos just run a walk-through of the game and show you methods that don’t work when you try to replicate them in your game.

We even confirmed some content creators outright lying without showing the actual pet duplicated within their game. Many are even giving step-by-step guides but there are totally different from each other and they don’t actually give any positive results. And moreover, some of the YouTubers even disable the comments, so other players are not able to point this out in comments and help other players to save their time.

Here are steps mentioned by the YT channel Messbro Gaming:

  1. Choose a friend from your list
  2. Start a Trade with them
  3. Once ready, cancel this trade
  4. Start another trade after 3 seconds
  5. According to the video the pet should automatically dupe in the third trial

Here’s the original video shared by the content creator:

That’s everything there’s to know about how to dupe pets in Pet Sim X (Pet Simulator X) in 2022. For more freebies, simply head over to our Roblox Game Codes list and click on the game you play.