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V Rising Duke Of Balaton Location & How To Beat Boss

Here is how you can find the location of Duke of Balaton and the best way to beat him.

Just like a parent and their babies, the Duke of Balaton is fiercely protective of his vast treasures. Most are meaningless but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to try to steal a couple of them. Here is your guide on how you too can get the location and beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising.

How to Find and Defeat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising


Location Of The Duke Of Balaton & How To Beat Him

Here is how you can find and defeat the Duke of Balaton in the game.

Duke of Balaton Location


Swamp of Greed
Map credit: Map Genie

To get to the location of Duke of Balaton, simply follow these steps:

  • Get the Blood Altar in your castle
  • Now, use the Blood Altar to track down the Duke’s blood scent
  • Go to the far North area of the map in the Swamp of Greed
  • You will find the Duke of Balaton there


Before you go to fight the Duke, make sure that you have fulfilled these requirements:

  • Since he is a Level 62 boss, it is recommended that your Gear Level is also at 62 or higher.
  • It is recommended that you fight with a clan as he is fairly difficult to fight against.

How to Beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising


The Duke of Balaton has a high health bar and that can make this one of the longest fights that you will have to face in V Rising. To stay ahead, you will have to make sure that you dodge as many of his attacks as possible. And keep as many healing items with you as you possibly can.

This boss has a ton of abilities. Make sure to watch out for his jumping, slamming, and tongue-licking abilities as they are vicious. His tongue is like a melee weapon so the hit is that much worse in comparison.

To defeat him, it is recommended that you use long-ranged weapons like the crossbow. As well as protective gear like the Bone Shield to block his attacks. Once he gets to 50% health, be sure to get ready to deal with his hatchlings. As he spawns eggs that you will have to fight until he returns.

Once you defeat the Duke of Balaton, you will be able to unlock the Toad Form ability. Using this ability, you can transform into a toad yourself at will.

This was our guide on how to get the location of the Duke of Balaton and beat him. If you liked this guide then check out this guide on how to delete your character in V Rising.