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DualSense Controller Battery Life Will Be 3-4 Hours Longer Than DualShock 4 – Report

Sony is focusing a lot on the DualSense controller, which should be the real flagship of the new generation console of PlayStation 5.

In recent hours, the Reddit user viper_on_fire spoke about various details inherent to the PlayStation 5 controller. Among the most relevant is that related to battery life. According to this information, it seems that the DualSense battery will last 3-4 hours longer than that of the DualShock 4 controller.

This boost as regards to battery autonomy is linked to the elimination of the DualShock 4 light bar, which, although looked beautiful, consumed a lot of energy. In addition, it seems that the new controller of Sony will not be compatible with the PlayStation VR, probably precisely because of the lack of the LED which also acted as a motion sensor.

Other details related to DualSense are related to shape, ergonomics, and keys. The D-pad and front buttons are very similar to the DualShock 4, the touchpad is more responsive than in the past and in general, the PlayStation 5 controller would seem to be more comfortable to hold than both the DualShock 4 and the Xbox One controller.

As you know by now, the new PlayStation 5 controller will aim to provide greater immersion to anyone who approaches its use. The first of the features aimed at pursuing this objective is represented by the triggers with adaptive resistance, which will allow the DualSense to partially revolutionize the sensations perceived by the gamers.

The innovations posed for the device have also been others, such as the still-mysterious revolution relating to the Share button. This has officially changed its name to Create, and thanks to the new interactions allowed by PlayStation 5 it will guarantee content creators further opportunities that the Japanese company has not yet specified, but which we hope will be officially cleared soon.