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How Madden NFL 22 Dual Entitlement Works?

Madden NFL 22 comes with Dual Entitlement that allows you to have a free upgrade on the console.

Dual Entitlement is a feature recently introduced after the launch of new-gen consoles. While buying a game you might come across the Dual Entitlement feature. This clearly means you get a free upgrade if in the future you switch to a new-gen console. But there are some limitations and if you are buying or already purchased the game. Here is everything about Dual Entitlement and how it works.

How does Madden 22 NFL Dual Entitlement Works?


Madden 22 NFL Dual Entitlement

When a game is marked as Dual Entitlement it means you get a free upgrade on PS5 if you have a copy on PS4. In the same way, if you have a copy of Madden NFL 22 on Xbox One then you get a free upgrade on Xbox Series X|S. Dual Entitlement is only available for the following two editions and that too if you pre-order Madden NFL 22.

  1. Madden NFL 22 MVP Edition
  2. Madden NFL 22 Dynasty Edition


If you had purchased a digital edition of the MVP or Dynasty Edition then you can claim a digital code for the full game on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. In the same way, if you had pre-ordered a physical edition of any of the above editions then you can claim a digital code of the full game on your respective platforms. All your ranks, wallet, purchases, avatar, loadout, and progression will be carry forwarded to the new-gen console. So you do not have to worry about your safe progress.

As new-gen consoles are going to replace the existing model many gamers still have the old one on their shelves. They cannot just throw them away, that’s why game developers came out with the idea of Dual Entitlement. For example, if you are buying Spider-Man for PS4 and if this game supports the “Dual Entitlement” you will get a free digital copy on PS5. But you cannot play on both it’s just a free upgrade for the players who are switching to new consoles.

Madden NFL 22 comes with the feature allowing players not to worry about their copies. In the future anytime when you switch to a new console you can claim your free digital copy on it. Till then you can go through our Madden NFL 22 guides category to learn a bit more about various tips and tricks on the game.