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Street Fighter 6 Drive Gauge System (Explained)

The latest installment in the SF series, Street Fighter 6, features a brand new Drive System, which allows players to perform various moves like Overdrive based on a gauge. This new mechanic completely overhauls how combat works in the game. Veteran SF players may recognize some of these moves from previous installments. By learning these moves and understanding how they work, you can easily turn the tide of a match. In this guide, we will tell you how Drive Gauge works in SF6.

How Does Drive Gauge System Work in Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6, every player will start a fight with a six-bar Drive Gauge. You can use these bars to perform five special moves. Each move will deplete a certain amount of bars. If you deplete all of them, then your character will enter the “Burnout” stage. So Drive Gauge management is a crucial part of SF6. However, simply conserving the gauge is not the idea. With the Drive System, you can perform the following moves in Street Fighter 6:

  • Drive Impact
  • Drive Parry
  • Drive Rush
  • Overdrive
  • Drive Reversal

Drive Impact

Drive Impact in SF6
Source: Supercombo Wiki

Drive Impact is an armored forward-moving attack. Meaning it acts as a shield if your opponent attacks you with a basic move or even a fireball (Hadoken). Moreover, you will hit the opponent with a Drive Bar draining attack. If your opponent blocks this move, then they will be pushed back. And if they block it near the wall, then they will be crashed (wall-splat) opening up an opportunity to unleash heavy combo. Drive Impact will use a single bar from the gauge.

Drive Parry

Drive Parry in Street Fighter 6
Source: Supercombo Wiki

As the name suggests, you can parry any attack by holding medium Punch or Kick buttons. Although it will not protect you against Throws. This move costs you half a Drive bar. However, your gauge will continue to deplete if you hold the buttons instead of tapping. If you perform a perfect parry, then the time will slow down and you’ll be able to sneak in an attack.

Drive Rush

Drive Rush SF6
Source: Supercombo Wiki

The Drive Rush is a major move in the Gauge system. With this, you can quickly close the distance between you and the opponent. There are two ways to use this. You can either dash out of a parry or cancel a special cancelable move to perform the Drive Rush. Using it with a parry will cost you a single bar, whereas the other method costs three bars.


Overdrive explained in Street Fighter 6 Drive Gauge System
Source: Supercombo Wiki

Veteran SF players may remember Overdrive as the EX Moves. The Overdrive in Street Fighter 6 simply enhances your special moves like Hadoken into Overdrive Art. It will cost you two Drive bars, but it can help you inflict heavy damage on the opponent. To perform it, all you have to do is tap two buttons in the same special move.

Drive Reversal

Drive Reversal
Source: Supercombo Wiki

The Drive Reversal is a defensive move of the Gauge system. Some may remember it as V-Reversal from SF5. To perform the Drive Reversal, all you have to do is press forward and a heavy attack. This will cost you two Drive bars as well.

That’s all from us on how Drive Gauge System works in Street Fighter 6 along with all moves like Impact, Parry, Rush, Overdrive, and Reversal. We have more helpful content like how to do Backward Recovery, so make sure you check it out in our SF6 section.