Dress to Impress: How to Get the Death Drop Pose

Here’s how you can unlock some more interesting poses in DTI.

During the fashion ramp walks, you may have seen fellow models do a death drop pose, effectively standing out and even possibly winning due to it! If you’re not sure why the pose is named this way, it comes from the world of drag performances where the performer suddenly falls to the floor, often from a standing position. They then get into a split position, with one leg outstretched and the other bent behind them and it’s certainly not easy to make this happen! Because it looks so dramatic, it’s called a death drop and here’s how you can unlock this pose/animation in Dress to Impress.

How to Get the Death Drop Pose in Dress to Impress

Death drop is a part of DTI’s Pop Culture Pack which has 7 poses in total. It includes ‘Deathdrop’, Just Dance, Rrrrrr, Renaissance, Run Out of Poses, Swiftie Tour, So What? and the pack costs $1800 in-game money (this amount can change later).

How to Buy New Pose Animations in DTI

  • Once you have enough currency tickets, click on the Pose/Animation button on the menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the Heart on top of the window.
  • This is where you can check the packs available and what you’re looking for is the Pop Culture Pack.
  • Preview the poses, and confirm that it has the DeathDrop and then hit Purchase.
  • You should now have the death drop pose in Dress to Impress!
how to buy animation pose packs in dress to impress

How to Get the Split Pose

If you don’t want to spend currency for this pose or don’t have enough tickets, don’t worry! There’s a way to unlock the ‘Splits’ animation in Dress to Impress which looks a bit similar to a death drop. The ‘split’ pose is part of a free reward for all players because the game has completed a milestone of 1 billion visits!

how to unlock free split pose dti

All you have to do to unlock it is:

  • Go to the 1B Balloon in the lobby during the intermission and click on it.
  • A new pop up will appear with ‘Thank you for 1B visits!’ and the option to claim the reward.
  • After you claim it, check for the new poses under the Pose section after walking the ramp.

This could be time-limited so hurry and get your free pose immediately.

split pose in dress to impress

When you use this pose, the model doesn’t just drop into splits—you will do a backflip and then land into a split on the ground. Pretty eye-catching especially if others only have the basic poses unlocked!

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