Dreams PS4 Controls Guide – How To Control Imp, Create And Edit Objects

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Dreams PS4 is a game about dreams, it is about creating your own world and sharing with the world. With endless possibilities, you can do so many things in the game. Visit Indreams.me to know what the world is creating in Dreams PS4. To start with Dreams game you will need to learn its controls and in this Dreams PS4 Control Guide, you can learn all important movements from controlling an Imp to creating objects in the Dreamiverse. So let’s begin.

Dreams PS4 Control Guide – How to play Dreams?

There are two kinds of controls, one that works for Imp. It consists of controlling its movements, unlocking doors, etc. These controls are applicable when you are playing Art’s Dreams in the Dreams PS4. A game constructed by the official developers. So here are Dreams PS4 basic controls to control the Imp.

How to control the Imp while playing Dreams PS4?

  1. Right Stick – Control Camera.
  2. Circle – Deposses Object or Back.
  3. X – Jump or Select an object.
  4. Controller Motion Sensor – Move the Imp around the screen.
  5. Options – Hold the button to recent Imp.
  6. Options – Press once to open Menu or Pause the game.
  7. R2 – Posses an object or interact.
  8. Left Stick – Move the possessed object.
  9. Square – Press to enter Editor.

Controls for Dream Shaping and Home Space?

  1. Square – Open or Close Menu.
  2. X – Select an option in the Menu.
  3. L2 – Hold the left stick to rotate an object.
  4. R2 – Hold the right stick to move an object. Press halfway to Nudge the object.
  5. D-Pad UP or Down – Resize Object.
  6. Triangle – Delete Object.
  7. D-Pad Left – Undo.
  8. D-Pad Right – Redo.
  9. L1 + R2 – Press both to clone an object.
  10. L1 – Hold the left stick to Strafe.
  11. R1 – Hold the right joystick to move the camera relative to the object.
  12. L1 + Circle – Press both the keys to Exit Editor.

You can also modify the control scheme in Dreams PS4 from the Menu. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to change Control Scheme, adjust sensitivity, etc. Have fun playing with Dreams 🙂