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Dreams PS4 Controls Guide – How To Control The Imp

Journey into the Dreamiverse

Dreams is a PS4 exclusive game with a distinct and intriguing art style. The game is based on exploring dreams in the Dreamiverse by controlling a cute little character the Imp. If you are new to the game and want to little more before you start playing Dreams, here is a PS4 Control guide. Learn how to control Imp in Dreams PS4, how to navigate, interact with objects, etc.

How to control an Imp in Dreams PS4

Dreams support motion sensors, you can use your PS4 controller to navigate the Imp to a direction. Left and Right stick can also be used for the same purpose. If you have Motion Controllers then it lots more fun playing Dreams on PS4. Below is a complete control layout

  • Press R2 to Grab
  • Press R2 to charge D-bug robot
  • To perform in-air slam jump and then press R2
  • Press X to View cover
  • Hold L1 + X Play
  • Press Circle for Back
  • Use Left and Right joystick to Scroll
  • Use D-pad to highlight objects

How to Recenter Imp in Dreams PS4?

Press the Options button to recenter the Imp automatically while playing Dreams game. You can also press the Options button on the game menu to see the Imp abilities.

How to Grab and Move an object in Dreams 4?

You can unlock doors, suitcases, or anything using the Imp. For this go near the object and press R2. Hold R2 + Joystick and drag the object to your left or right. In this way, you can open doors, break bricks, unlock suitcases, in Dreams 4 PS4.

How to control an Object like Light Bulb or Triangle in Dreams PS4?

In Dreams as an Imp, you can possess objects like a light bulb, a triangle or a toy. This will allow you to move freely around. For this go near the object like a light bulb or a triangle and press R2 to control the object in Dreams PS4. To exit and return back into the Imp form press X or Circle.

How to switch from Motion Sensor function to  Left Right Stick Controls in Dreams PS4?

In the video game, you can switch from Motion sensor function to Left Right stick or you can do the opposite. For this go to the Control Scheme section of Dreams PS4. There under Control Scheme, you will see all the details.

So these are all the controls that will help you to play Dreams on PS4.