Dream Daddy Is Coming To Nintendo Switch, iOS And Android

Most Favorite Game Of Internet Coming To Switch

Game Grumps recently announced on Twitter about launching its popular simulator game Dream Daddy on Nintendo Switch and on mobile platform running on Android and iOS. Few days are left for E3 and there are tons of leaks already coming through but the big ones are reserved for the mega gaming event.

Game Grumps shared a mixtape of different characters player will see in Dream Daddy. The launch date is not revealed, but the developer assured that the game will be coming up very near in the future. With the announcement of the game the developer also revealed Nintendo Switch, Android and iPhone edition will have some new characters.

Dream Daddy was released in the year 2017 for PC and it was a huge hit among player who enjoyed the simulated environment of interacting with a various virtual character. Later Dream Daddy was also launched on PS4 and its filled with an amazing story with an emotional touch.

To know more about the game and how it looks you can watch the official Dream Daddy trailer launched for PS4 a year ago.