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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Season Pass Details

Check out what you get in Season Pass

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Seasons Pass grants a bit more than the already available crazy amount of stuff available in the game. The season pass also lets you save a bit of money on the content part. Check out the things you can get with the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Season Pass.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Season Pass


Exclusive Designer’s Sunglasses for Season Pass purchasers

  1. Hotto Stuff Pack: includes over 40 new recipes to design structures in the style the Hotto Steppe resting area and access to an all-new island with new materials.
    Aquarium Pack: Unlock the fishing rod, plus access to a fishing island where you can catch 40 different fish.
  2. Modernist Pack: Includes over 70 recipes for modern-looking structures, hairstyles, and clothing.

”Hotto Stuff Pack”, “Aquarium Pack” and “Modernist Pack” will be available for purchase individually.


The Season Pass is available for $20.99 on the PlayStation Store and it gives you a ton of things that you will require as you progress in the game.

You will still require an always-online connection to play the game. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is developed by Square Enix.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch and is available right now if you wish to purchase the game. It has been one of most immersive games released recently and you might enjoy it more than you think you would.