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Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Sugar Cane Seed Location & How To Grow

It's time to farm sugar cane

In one of the missions in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you will have to first find Sugar Cane seeds and then farm them. You will also have to find locations of three other seeds in the game, in this guide you will learn where to find sugar cane seeds in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and how to farm sugar cane in Dragon Quest Builders 2. The objective to find sugar cane seed appears in Furrowfield while talking to Bonanza near a tree. This will activate Mission Sowing the Seeds of success Part 2. You have to find five different crop seeds t complete the mission and progress to the next level of Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Sugar Cane Seed Location In Dragon Quest Builders 2


After talking to Bonanza as soon as the mission starts, talk to the Dog you will see an exclamation mark over his head. The dog will help you to find some more seeds. Follow the cute little puppy and he will take you to new region on the island, a new marsh land. Talk to the rat Forrowfield Bog and he will tell you to take the naviglobe. Go near the globe and activate it.

Continue following the puppy, the next stop is a cave with a bat flag. Go inside and help the two sisters Lillian and Saffron to escape the cave. Use Wrap to fast travel to Furrowfield Farm. Both girls will go with you and the everyone will be happy on their return. Lillian will give you Sugar Cane seedlings. You had now unlocked Sugar Cane Seedlings by saving the two sisters. Next talk to Rosie, she will ask you to find more sugar cane seeds.

Next small mission is to pat the dog so that he can help you in finding things. Follow the on screen instructions, go from behind quietly by using the right joystick and when you near to the dog press X. Do not run just walk slowly. The dog will join your team.


How To Grow Sugar Cane In Dragon Quest Builders 2

After getting the sugar cane seedlings now it is time to grow some sugar cane. You have to make an underwater field, dig hole in the soil in the nearby field and fill it with water using it Bottomless Pot. Make a 5×5 small area and put a Scare crow in the middle. Put the Sugar Cane seeds around the scare crow and flood it with water using the Bottomless Pot.

Harvest the crops later and done, so this is how you can find sugar cane seeds and grow sugar cane in Dragon Quest Builders 2.