Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List – Best Class (October 2023) 

Want to get the best class in the game? Then check out this Dragon Nest 2 Classes tier list.

Our Dragon Nest 2 Classes tier list will show you the best classes to help you win each PvP battle. Whether it’s the Archer, the Sorceress, the Warrior, or the Cleric – all four classes in the game have unique abilities and playstyles. So, which one should you choose? If you want to get the best unit in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, then read our guide till the end.

Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List (October 2023)

best classes in dragon nest 2

Here is a tier list of the best classes in Dragon Nest 2 ranked from S to C, with S being the best and C being the worst.

Warrior – S Tier Dragon Nest 2 Class

Warrior is the best class in Dragon Nest 2 as it is quite strong in all departments. The S-Tier class is blessed with high Defense attributes and a variety of AoE attacks. If you prefer close combat and want Power as your Main Attribute then there is no better choice than the Warrior Class. Powerful AoE attacks and the ability to disrupt enemy chants are just some of the many strengths that a Warrior class possesses. You can prevent an opponent from casting spells and skills by using the disrupt enemy chants ability. The AoE attacks on the other hand can break an opposition’s formation and allow you the chance to counter-attack. Simply put, the Warrior class is an all-rounder class with little to no flaws.

Sorceress – A Tier Class

The Sorceress is one of the best DMG dealer classes in Dragon Nest 2. The A-tier class excels in long-range attacks and AoE damage. So, if you are someone who loves using magic spells to destroy your enemies, the Sorceress class is the one you should go for.

However, the Sorceress lacks good defensive stats which makes it weaker in terms of durability. So, you must do your best to avoid taking too much damage from your opponents. With that being said, the Sorceress is still a must-have class for your team in Dragon Nest 2.

Archer – B Tier Class in Dragon Nest 2

If you are someone who prioritizes agility, then the Archer is the best class for you in Dragon Nest 2. The Archer class lacks powerful AoE attacks but has solid DEF and Agility stats to go with them. Moreover, it easily has the best Ranged attacks in the entire game. The Ranged Class also performs well in Auto-Mode. All in all, the Archer is an essential class to help you move around quicker while also focusing on ranged abilities.

Cleric – C Tier Class

Lastly, we have Cleric who belongs to the C-tier class in Dragon Nest 2. The Cleric is ranked at the bottom because it is quite weak at dealing DMG. It is a Support class that can provide healing and protection buffs to the allies on your team. In some cases, the Cleric can save your team from an imminent defeat. However, since it has low ATK stats, the Cleric can hardly trouble your enemies. So, only go with this class if you like playing as a support unit in Dragon Nest 2.

That’s everything you need to know on the Dragon Nest 2 Classes tier list. We hope that this guide was able to help you get the best class. If you want more such rankings of heroes, characters and classes from your favorite games, then head to our Tier List section on Gamer Tweak.