Where To Find Fatty Giant Fish in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

There's a big school of Fatty Fish in DBZ: Kakarot, and here's how you can find it.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot as an RPG is a fantastic game and has tons of subplots that make playing the game feel just like rewatching the anime series back again while getting the chance to be a part of it. As in the series, there are tons of characters other than our Saiyans and these other characters make up for making the show wholesome.

These other characters not only include people who Goku battles with but with side characters that often show up and now have created a name for themselves. This guide will show you the location of Big Fish in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Majin Buu is one of the toughest opponents Goku has faced in the Dragon Ball Z series, the game has Majin Buu as its final villain but Buu isn’t all evil as often showcased.

Buu can be something of a child and thus has demands similar to one, one quest revolves around satisfying Buu and you play as Mr. Satan himself as he has to complete the Bottomless Pit quest.

Big Fish Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

To catch the Big Fish you will first need to go out of Satan City and proceed southwest, you will find a small lake there. Look for the fishing icon and once there all you have to do is fish.

Dropping a bait is optional as you can catch this particular fish with or without it, make sure that you know how to fish, in short, all you have to fo is press Circle on the PlayStation 4 and start fishing.

Then you can use the left analogue stick to move around and attract fishes, once you get a bite simply pull up by pressing the button prompted on the screen while it is in the orange bar, complete the next prompt to catch the fish.

You will need a Big grey fish in order to succeed in this quest, make sure that you keep trying to get this grey fish. Other fishes do not count for this quest and you will have to keep on trying until you find it.

This is all there is to know about where to find the Big Fish in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.