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Dragon Ball Legends Team Tier List (January 2022)

Looking for the teams which have the best units in Dragon Ball Legends? Check out this Tier List for the best teams in the game.

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best Dragon Ball games out there for Mobile devices. This game is different because it has an original storyline based on characters made by Akira Toriyama himself. And there are many characters or units in different teams in this game, which calls for a Team Tier List. That is because not all teams are equal, and some are stronger than others. So let us take a look at the Dragon Ball Legends Team Tier List.

Best teams Tier list for Dragon Ball Legends

best teams tier list for dragon ball legends

Before we get into this list it is important to know this is just my recommendation of the best team in Dragon Ball Legends. If you are using some character or unit and find them in a team that is on a lower tier then that is fine. You can still enjoy playing with your favorite teams and units. So without further ado let us take a look at the best teams.

Team Tier
Saiyan Team S
Future Team S
Gt Team S
Sagas From The Movies S
Son Family S
God Ki Team A
Hybrid Saiyan Team A
Fusion Warrior Team A
Regeneration Team A
Vegeta Family Team A
Frieza Force Team B
Powerful Opponent Team B
Rival Universe B
Super Saiyan Team B
Dragon Ball Saga Team B
Legends Road Team B
Frieza Saga Team C
Android Team C
Universal Survival Saga C
Saiyan Saga Team C
Lineage Of Evil Team C
Legends Road Fsk Team C
Female Warrior Team D
Ginyu Force Team D
Super Warrior Team D

That covers this guide on the Dragon Ball Legends best teams Tier List. If you like playing this game then you should also check out our best characters list for it. And we also have Tier Lists for many other games that you might play.