Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List: Best DBFZ Characters Ranked

The complete Dragon Ball FighterZ character Tier List.

We have ranked all the Dragon Ball FighterZ characters in this Tier List given below. This list is based on the rankings given by the game’s fan base. However, they are based on our understanding of the game and are not official in any sense whatsoever. So, scroll down and find out the rankings of all your favorite DBFZ characters in this Tier List.

Dragon Ball FighterZ “DBFZ” Character Tier List

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

Bardock S – TIER
Ultra Instinct Goku S – TIER
Kid Buu S – TIER
Adult Gohan S – TIER
Teen Gohan S – TIER
Cell A – TIER
GT Goku A – TIER
Android 21 A – TIER
Vegeta A – TIER
Gotenks A – TIER
Base Vegeta A – TIER
Videl B – TIER
Goku Black B – TIER
Vegito B – TIER
Goku B – TIER
Android 16 B – TIER
Fused Zamasu C – TIER
Trunks C – TIER
Super Broly C – TIER
Gogeta C – TIER
Kefla C – TIER
Piccolo C – TIER
Hit C – TIER
Tien C – TIER
Base Goku C – TIER
Yamcha D – TIER
Android 18 D – TIER
Broly D – TIER
Cooler D – TIER
Frieza D – TIER
Jiren D – TIER
Beerus D – TIER
Majin Buu D – TIER
Captain Ginyu D – TIER
Android 17 F – TIER
Blue Vegeta F – TIER
Krillin F – TIER
Nappa F – TIER

Note that this ranking may differ from your opinion, but if you are getting started with the game and not sure who to go with, this DBFZ tier list will come in handy.

This is everything that you will need to know about the Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List.

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