Dragon Ball FighterZ: Jiren all set to fight Goku and Universe 7

The season pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ ended in September with the arrival of Andriod 17, and since then there hasn’t been much news about it until now. It is reported that Jiren will be added to the roster of the game. The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals begin this month and Bandai Namco teased that “the warrior from Universe 11 is joining the fight.”

Jiren is a tall humanoid with an extremely muscular and well-defined build. He has a large, sleek head similar in the shape similar to the folkloric aliens known as the Greys. He has grey skin, big round black eyes with enlarged pupils, flat round ears, and a barely visible flat nose. One of the biggest foes of Goku and his teammates, Jiren has proven again and again that he is capable of keeping up with Goku and the others. Details are yet to be officially announced but rumours incline towards the DLC character being Jiren.

The addition of Jiren opens up the opportunity of possibly adding more characters that are missing from the game but are pivotal to the narrative of the Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball FighterZ first launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC last January, with a Nintendo Switch version following this past September, this game is currently one of the best in the genre.

Bandai Namco further added that a new Dragon Ball game is being developed, though they did not give any more details on this update we are hoping that more information on it surfaces after the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals. Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball FighterZ Leaks, Tips and Tricks.