Dragon Ball The Breakers: How To Dragon Change

Is it over, 9000? Check out our guide on how to Dragon change in Dragon Ball the Breakers.

Dragon Ball the Breakers is an online asymmetrical action and survival video game inspired by Dead by Daylight. This video game pits 7 ordinary citizens or players against iconic DB villains. These villains include notable characters like Freiza, Cell, Majin Buu, and more. While ordinary citizens don’t have power levels like Goku or Vegeta, they do have a couple of powers up their sleeves. One of these includes Dragon changing which increases your power level for a limited time. But how to activate this power? Check out our guide on how to dragon change in Dragon Ball the Breakers.

How to Dragon Change in Dragon Ball the Breakers

With the borrowed help of the Z-Fighters like Vegeta, Gohan, or Goku, you can increase your power level for a limited time. But to hone and activate this power, you need to collect Power cubes or Power S items scattered throughout the map. As you reach closer to these items, hit the keybind to pick them up. You can also do this with a single power cube. So, here are the keybinds to activate the Dragon Change for all the supported platforms:

  • Xbox players: RB button
  • PS players: R1 button
  • Nintendo Switch players: ZR button
how to dragon change dragon ball breakers
Image Source – RikudouFox on YouTube.

Once you have collected enough cubes, your power level increases. So, you can activate the Dragon Change to fight the different DB villains with increased ability.

Mentioned below are the keybinds for different controls after activating the Dragon change:

  • Rush Attack
    • Xbox: X button
    • PS: Square button
    • Switch: Y button
  • Super Attack
    • Xbox: Hold RB and X (Rush attack) button
    • PS: Hold R1 and square button
    • Switch: Hold ZR and Y button
  • Dodge
    • Xbox: B button
    • PS: Circle button
    • Switch: A button
  • Flight
    • Xbox: A button
    • PS: X button
    • Switch: B button

With the stocked and increased power levels, you can activate several Dragon Change abilities. There are three tiers of Dragon change that you can customize. For that, you need to head over to Battle Settings. You can either apply new abilities or powers obtained from the DBZ fighters. Every power level can be assigned one Dragon change as you equip them into the slots. To get these abilities or powers, you need to use the Spirit Siphons.

That’s everything covered about how to Dragon change in Dragon Ball the Breakers. If you liked this guide, check out our more Video Gaming Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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