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Dragon Age Lead Producer Fernando Melo Leaves BioWare

Another BioWare producer is leaving after Ben Irving had his announcement recently, Fernando Melo who has worked as a lead producer for Dragon Age confirmed that he too is leaving BioWare.

The people who were leading members and decision-makers of some of the biggest games BioWare has been making in recent years are leaving, Fernando Melo as a senior producer worked on Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 before shifting his focus towards Mass Effect: Andromeda and then as lead producer for the upcoming Dragon Age game.


Melo described his need to disconnet and explore other ideas on his twitter account.


It was reported that BioWare employees had been facing crunch and some of them were exhausted and tired of the daily drind they had to go throught to develop games.

It is still unclear who will take over Fernando’s position as lead producer on the next Dragon Age game and when will it be delivered.

It is certain the BioWare is going through a massive change and will need to reconstruct the same ideology that once made them one of the best game producing studio in the world.


After the recent disappointments of Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda, we only know that Dragon Age is in development while there is no news of any other project.