Dragon Age 4 Is “Making Progress”, Bioware Confirms

The developers of BioWare sent us a status update for Dragon Age 4 via Twitter. Despite the move to the home office, development is said to be making progress.

In the course of the Game Awards 2018, the developers of BioWare officially announced the ongoing work on a new Dragon Age adventure. The responsible development team, and the executive producer Mark Darrah, spoke up via Twitter and provided us with a short status update on Dragon Age 4.

It is said that the COVID-19 crisis naturally meant that BioWare also had to move to the home office, which makes work on the fantasy adventure not to be underestimated. In spite of everything, the development of the new Dragon Age is making progress, according to Darrah.

So far, the creative minds of BioWare have not told us when we can expect specific details or even the first gameplay for Dragon Age 4 to be revealed. However, at the end of last year, the studio provided a short teaser with which the developers could have hinted that our path would lead to Tevinter in the next Dragon Age adventure.

Since the country’s decadent nobility still refuses to abolish slavery, Tevinter is avoided by all nations with a modern outlook. In addition, Tevinter acts as the center of illicit trafficking, smuggling, or slave trade and maintains a powerful force to protect itself from attacks by other nations.

When Dragon Age 4 will ultimately appear is still unclear. However, it is not certain that we should not expect the role-playing game to be released until the next generation of consoles. In recent news, EA was teasing the concept art of Dragon Age 4, you can check it out here.