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Dragon Age 4 Might Be Revealed In December 2019

BioWare hasn’t had the best of year in 2019 and Anthem was the last straw, the game saw many key figures leaves one by one as Anthem proved to be sinking every single day. Whereas Dragon Age has been the last successful game by BioWare and it looks like Dragon Age 4 could be on the way.

In a recent tweet by the company, BioWare hinted towards Dragon Age 4 while celebrating 10 years of the franchise.


This can be a very small hint as to the December event could reveal some information about Dragon Age 4, but after the events that led to the downfall of Anthem, there isn’t much trust in the developers.


Though it was revealed earlier that Dragon Age 4 would not be released before 2022, this might be the only thing that could probably save the company from the situation it currently finds itself at.

As of right now, the development of Dragon Age 4 is shrouded in mystery we will have to wait and see what the future holds and what BioWare will work on next.

Dragon Age is a series developed by BioWare which has gathered a large support and Dragon Age 3 was hugely successful unlike what we got to see with Anthem.