Download The Wolf Among Us Free From Epic Store

Free for limited time

One of the interesting announcement during Game Awards 2019 was about a free game you cannot miss. If you had played Telltale games then its time to grab a free copy of popular The Wolf Among Us from Epic Store. Yes, the game is absolutely free to download till 19 December, 2019. Covering an outstanding story line of an lone Wolf who is on a mission to uncover mystery of series of murder in the city.

You will see many known faces from popular fairy tale who had become a part of this twisted world where things are magical and mysterious. Here is how you an download a The Wolf Among us for free.

  1. Go to Epic and search for The Wolf Among us. or Just Click here – Download The Wolf Among Us
  2. Or Launch Epic Game Launcher click on the Store link on the left and scroll down to see Free Game Every Week Section.
  3. Here you will see The Wolf Among Us. Click on it and click on Get Button.

That’s it you can now download The Wolf Among Us free from Epic store on your pc and enjoy the amazing story line the Bigby Wolf. Uncover the mystery of brutal and blood murder around the town to find out who is behind this. Every choice will have a different consequence in the end.

Grab your copy today.