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Download The Outer Worlds Graphic And FPS Mod For Switch

Game Change Boost

The Outer Worlds is not performing as expected on the Nintendo Switch. But thankfully there are some modders working behind the curtains to improve the gameplay. Here is a guide on how to download Outer Worlds Mod for Nintendo Switch that aims to improve game graphics and fps.

The Outer Worlds – Graphics & FPS Mod for Nintendo Switch

The mod is by Contranetwork, where it focus on adding some improvements to Outer Worlds Switch version. The amateur mods focus on improving distance, shadows and texture. You can watch the video below on how the mod works. This video screen is a demo of Outer World Switch graphic mod. It does improve the overall look on the game.

The video is recorded on Docked Mode where the game can change with a boost of CPU=1785 | GPU=844 | MEM=1600. Max dynamic resolution is increased to 100% on both portable and dock mode. Max dynamic resolution is 50% on both portable and dock mode.

The mod aims to deliver portable resolution 720p and 1080 on docked mode. There is a slight reduction in image sharping and texture filtering is shifted from linear to anisotropic 8x on both the modes.

Many improvements are visible in the video however the mod download link is not updated. You will have to keep a watch on the site about its download link and installation instructions.