How To Download Genshin Impact On PC And Mobile

Genshin Impact is available to download on PC, PS4, Android and iOS devices for free. Chere to know how to download Genshin Impact for free

Genshin Impact is available for download right now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Mobile. This free to play game developed by miHoYo is experienced great when on the PC. Since there’s so much interest in the game a lot of players have been wondering about how to download the Genshin Impact on PC if you’re one of them check this guide out for all the information on how to download.

How To Download Genshin Impact On PC

Genshin Impact looks to change a few things about the RPG genre by bringing in players from all the platforms together, players from PC, PS4, and Mobile are encouraged to play together.

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While Genshin Impact is available on the PS4 and relevant mobile stores, downloading the PC game can be a bit of a hassle and we’re here to solve that.

If you want to download Genshin Impact on PC, you will need to click on this link to download the game. Once the client file has been downloaded, it will carry out the task of downloading and installing all the needed files to run the game.

Make sure that you have around 12 GB of free space on your HDD or SSD and once the game is downloaded you are free to run it and enjoy this brand new adventure.

How To Download Genshin Impact Android APK

If you’re an android user and are having some trouble with finding the game on Google’s Play Store, there’s nothing to worry about as we have the link right here for you. Download the Android version of Genshin Impact for android right here.

How To Download Genshin Impact On iOS

Apple users haven’t been left aside as Genshin Impact is available for iPhone users worldwide, for whatsoever reasons that you cannot find the game in your store, you can download the iOS version of the game from right here.

This is all there is to know about how to download Genshin Impact on PC and mobile, make sure to check out how to fast travel in Genshin Impact.

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