Download Doom Eternal Slayer Mod for Doom 2

Shoot with Pistols and Shotgun

Doom 2 gets a new mod version Doom Eternal Slayer that brings three new melee weapons for the game. If you are looking for a third person upgrade for Doom 2 where you can see the slayer then this mod is for you. Here is how you can download Doom 2 Doom Eternal Slayer Mod and what are the features of the new version.

How to download Doom Eternal Slayer Mod for Doom 2?

Doom Eternal Slayer Mod is available for download on You can also search for the direct download link in Google. Modder zheg has released the new version of Doom Eternal Slayer Mod and also shared a 10-minute gameplay

The Mod brings new changes and adds cool animations in Doom 2. This new 3D Player model upgrades the Doom 2 UI turning a class version into a third-person hack and slash game.

Checkout the above video to see how Doom Eternal Slayer Mod looks. It adds 3 melee weapons and original weapons from Doom 2. To download the mod check the video description for direct download and installation instructions.

Doom Eternal Slayer Mod 0.3a adds pistol and shotgun to the class version. You will be amazed to see what this mod can do. Adding up a fierce hack and slash view to classic Doom a lot more interesting games than before. Especially the combo of a sword fight with guns. A worth reason to replay Doom Classic one more time.