How to Play Catan World Explorers – Harvest, Trade, Build & Win

Catan World Explorers is an game by makers of Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Set in an open world it turns the world into your own game board.

Catan World Explorers is a new game based on four fundamental rules, Harvest, Trade, Build & Win. From the makers of Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the game will be available soon on Google Play Store. If you are looking for downloading or trying this game then there is a way for the same. We are going to share the Catan World Explorers download info in this guide.

Catan World Explorers – How to Play?

Catan World Explorers is not available on Google Play Store but it will be soon. Another of getting this game is to Pre-register to reserve your spot. Through the official site click on the Pre-register button on the top right corner, fill up your email, date of birth, and Region. You will be notified of the game download as soon as it is available during or before its official launch. This is how you can download Catan World Explorers on your Android phone.

Catan World Explorers is a local-based multiplayer game, where you will harvest items like Lumber, Wool, Grain, Brick, and Ore. You will have to walk around to find the items and grab them. Next after collecting these items you can trade them with others. Negotiate for the price with in-game characters and then build your own world.

Construct new buildings to improve your personal and local settlement using a Development card. There are also mini-games in Catan World Explorer where you can earn bonus and daily rewards. There is a seasonal competition which unlocks victory points. So here is a lot more than to do, its like a open-world city simulation game where you can interact with in-game characters to build your world.

Developed by Niantic, Catan World Explorer focus on the Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizard Unit mechanism. Using the Catan lenses that are your phone camera you can scan around for objects in the region. You can explore settlements and befriend the Catanians.