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Apex Legends Mobile Download Available By The End Of 2020

Apex Legends Mobile Download will be available by the end of this year, shared by EA CEO on Twitter.

Apex Legends is coming to Android and iOS by the end of the year 2020. Announced by EA boss through twitter the popular Battle Royale game is highly active on PC and Console platforms. With new Legends and Seasons, Apex Legends has able to successfully manage to stay in the race of battle royale games. Apex Legends Mobile Download is just revealed the game is expected somewhere by the end of this year. No other details are out so far.

Download Apex Legends for Android and iOS

Games like Fortnite already has a mobile version, it is a big move to bring Apex Legends on the mobile platform. The most popular game today in the same category is PUBG and it has been stability ruling the platform for quite a long time. Fortnite has not able to grab good players’ traffic on the Android platform, it will be good enough to see how Apex Legends can perform.

Apex Legends android download is not yet available, the game is not listed in the Google Play store. The same is applicable for the iOS app store also, but the announcement for the mobile edition is big news for Apex Legends players. Here is the twitter video by EA CEO.

The biggest concern is cross-platform support. Will Apex Legends have a cross-platform feature where players can sync their PC or Console profile on the mobile phone. Or will be a completely different standalone edition. Cross-platform is a big problem for ace players who require to starts from scratch on Mobile devices.

We will update more about Apex Legends Mobile download soon. Stay tuned for more updates only on GamerTweak.com.