What Does DOT Mean In World Of Warcraft

Here’s everything you need to know about the term DOT or DoT in World of Warcraft.

Throughout the years, World of Warcraft players have seen each and every drastic change made to the game. May it be a minor bug fix or an introduction of a new playable Class, veterans have seen it all. One thing that remained the same since the beginning of the game is DoT. Many of you may have an idea about what it means and how it works. But for new players, it is completely an alien concept. And that is why, we are here to explain what exactly DoT or DOT mean in World of Warcraft.

Here’s What DoT Mean in World of Warcraft

DoT or DOT is an acronym for Damage Over Time. It’s just like WoW which is an acronym for the game’s title, World of Warcraft. Damage over Time refers to the ability of a character to cause damage to an opponent continuously for a limited time. Consider this as a debuff wherein your opponent will take damage until the time limit is over. And meanwhile it is active, there will be frequent ticks on which your enemy will take damage.

DoT is completely different from Direct Damage wherein the player takes overall damage all at once. The objective of both of these damage types is to reduce the enemy’s health bar. DoT or Damage over Time attacks can be of two types – Physical or Magical. The first one includes attacks such as bleeding or burning debuffs and the latter one includes special AoE attacks.

What Does DOT Mean In World Of Warcraft
Paladin’s Consecration DoT Move

Almost every class in World of Warcraft features at least one DoT ability in their arsenal. For instance, Paladins have a Consecration which deals DoT to the enemies in range. Similarly, Hunters, Death Knights, and Rogues are a few other classes with DoT debuff.

Just like DoT, there’s one more abbreviation in World of Warcraft that is known as HoT. Now it is an acronym for Healing over Time. Wherein, a character heals itself continuously for a limited time. The only difference between DoT and HoT is that one is for causing damage while the other is for healing damage.

With that out of the way, you now know every essential stuff about DoT. For more such content, feel free to browse through our dedicated section for World of Warcraft Guides on Gamer Tweak.